Connecting on social mediaAs E.M. Forster once wrote, “Only connect”.

I am delighted to connect with others online. Social media make it possible to build relationships and forge alliances that transcend geography and time zones.

If you’d like to connect with me via social media:

Please read my Twitter Policy if you’d like me to follow you back.

Please be aware though that my interest in connecting does not extend to receiving solicitations from you for services or goods that you or those you serve as agent for offer. Also, I am not interested in being added to your newsletter list; I get enough email as it is, thanks. If you publish a blog you think might interest me, you can let me know by providing me with your blog’s RSS feed. I’m obviously a blogger myself.

If you are unable to honor these simple requests, I will have no choice but to decline your invitation or to delete your connection from my account. I regret that I must even post this message at all, but unfortunately I’ve encountered a number of people using social media for persistent and unwelcome sales pitches and not for networking.

I am grateful for your understanding and look forward to connecting with those who share my appreciation for building relationships distinguished by integrity and trust.

P.S.  I’m on Facebook, too, but I use it for staying in touch with family and friends, not for business networking. My connections there are subjected to photos of my kids, my dog, and other family members (some of whom are pretty funny-looking). If that doesn’t deter you, you’re welcome to connect with me there, too.

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