About Diane Levin

Diane LevinI’m Diane Levin, a dispute resolution professional in the U.S. in the Greater Boston area. I like to think of myself as a dispute resolution multi-tasker. I mediate, I train, I coach, I consult.

Since 1995, I have helped litigants and private clients resolve disputes involving tort, employment, business, probate, family, and real estate issues, and serve on numerous mediation panels, including the United States Equal Employment Opportunity Commission.

My grand passion, however, is reserved for training and coaching: I have taught more people than I can count to resolve conflict, negotiate better, or become mediators, and who have hailed from many different parts of the world, including Bulgarian lawyers through USAID and Fortune 500 executives. I’m on a mission to get the whole world trained in the art of talking it out.

My profession of origin is the law: as an attorney I practiced tort, municipal, labor, employment, and probate law, for both sides of the legal aisle, plaintiffs and defendants (needless to say, not on the same case — hey, I’m not that much of a multi-tasker). It gave me an appreciation for seeing things from all sides.

Writing is an important component of my professional life, allowing me to creatively explore and share ideas relating to the resolution of disputes or negotiating business and interpersonal issues. I’ve written numerous articles about ADR for professional publications, including Lawyers Weekly, American Bar Association Dispute Resolution Magazine, and The Complete Lawyer.

While real-world, in-person interactions are important to my work, the internet constitutes an important part of my professional life. I serve as technology consultant to mediators and other professionals seeking to leverage the web for social networking and to market their business, since I’m one of those people who actually builds web sites for fun. I’m one of the first people on the planet to blog about ADR, building a community of dispute resolution bloggers at ADRblogs.com. And for three years I’ve published this blog, first at its old home at the Online Guide to Mediation, and now here at MediationChannel.com, which was recognized by the American Bar Association as one of the best legal blogs in 2009.

“Only connect” is now my official motto — ironic when back in law school I turned down a free modem because I thought the internet was just a passing fad.

You can read more about me and the work I’m doing to help groups and individuals face and address conflict at my web site. And feel free to connect with me on Twitter or LinkedIn.