Cafe Mediate, mediation podcast series, looks at what it takes to train, educate a mediator

In the third episode of ADR podcast series Cafe Mediate, I serve as host while professional mediator  and author Tammy Lenski, international business mediator Amanda Bucklow, New York City detective and conflict resolution professional Jeff Thompson, and commercial mediator Victoria Pynchon debate the question, “What kind of preparation is involved in becoming a mediator?

You can pour yourself a cup or glass of your favorite beverage, pull up a chair, and enjoy the conversation in any of three ways:

Each month Cafe Mediate (motto: “where conversation, not caffeine, is the stimulant”)  features conversation among ADR practitioners about topics relevant to the business, practice, and future of our field.

Coming up next time: a two-part discussion on mediator certification that is sure to produce sparks. Caution: avoid wearing flammable material while listening to that one.

Thanks so much to my wise, talented colleagues for another outstanding discussion about the issues that matter.

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