What makes a great mediator? 2nd episode of Cafe Mediate podcast series has answers

In the second episode of ADR podcast series Cafe Mediate, conflict resolution and ADR marketing expert Tammy Lenski, London-based international business mediator Amanda Bucklow, New York City detective and conflict resolution professional Jeff Thompson, and I sit down together to consider the question, “What makes a great mediator?”.

This lively transatlantic conversation focused on the qualities that distinguish the effective practitioner. Listening to these seasoned colleagues left me inspired and thinking how fortunate I am to be able to count these talented conflict resolvers as my friends – thanks to Tammy, Amanda, and Jeff for such a thought-provoking discussion.

Each month ADR podcast series Cafe Mediate (motto: “where conversation, not caffeine, is the stimulant”), will feature conversation among ADR practitioners about topics relevant to the business, practice, and future of our field.

Future editions will explore issues such as certification and professionalization; debunking ADR myths; and training and education of mediators. I hope you’ll tune in. In the meantime, click here to learn more about “what makes a great mediator“.

3 responses to “What makes a great mediator? 2nd episode of Cafe Mediate podcast series has answers

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  2. Great conversation on an important topic. One of the byproducts of being a mediator is loneliness. So it is very valuable to hear other mediators share impressions and beliefs they hold as they experience the joys and frustrations of participating in this human relations field. Thanks for sharing.

    • Joseph, thank you – I’m glad you enjoyed this podcast. You’ve made a great point. So many of us work solo; it can be lonely. This is one reason why we decided to have these conversations – to claim an hour, once a month, to talk together about what matters most. I’ve learned so much from these self-reflective practitioners. Thanks, Joseph, for letting me know what you thought. That means a great deal!

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