Mediation Channel celebrates 5 years of blogging

This past Sunday my blog turned 5.

Two years ago I explained what blogging means to me. Those words still ring true:

It is the collegiality, the friendships that have sprung up across geographic distances. It is the pleasure of mutual discovery, of interests shared. It is the sparks struck and the ideas that ignite when viewpoints collide.

And so it remains.

Thank you so very much, readers, for your support – thanks to those of you who’ve been there since early days and to those of you who’ve just tuned in. I’m sure looking forward to continuing this conversation.

11 responses to “Mediation Channel celebrates 5 years of blogging

  1. Victoria Moreno-Jackson

    Congratulations Diane!

    I am so happy for your continued success. I find your blog to be a wonderful resource for information, humor, and thought-provoking, respectful conversation. The online ADR world is a richer place because of your work. Please keep up the wonderful work!


    • Victoria, thank you so much. I feel the same way about you – I hope we can find time to get together in the real world in 2010. I really appreciate your great sense of humor and your insights on practice. Happy new year!

  2. Happy blog birthday, Diane! Five years is a whole lotta time in the blogosphere — and we’re all the better for it. Thanks for all you do, my friend.

    • Tammy, you were one of the earliest adopters – and a mentor and role model to me from the very beginning. I feel so fortunate that we’re friends. Thanks, Tammy!

  3. Jason Dykstra

    Congratulations Diane! Your blog is truly inspirational and I have enjoyed reading it over the past year. All the blessings in the future!

  4. Dear Diane,

    Congratulations on your blog anniversary. Mediation Channel is a leading source of inspiration. Thank you for all your hard work!

    From your friends at Disputing,

    Karl Bayer, Holly Hayes, and Victoria VanBuren

  5. Huzzah! Your blog remains a leading light and I read it daily. Thanks for all your work.

  6. Good job and congrats old-timer 😉


  7. Diane,

    Happy blog Birthday! I cannot say enough good things about Mediation Channel or its savvy blogmaster.

    All I can say is that my own blog is less than one-year old, and I feel like I’ve been doing this forever. So you must feel like “Mother Time,” for heaven’s sake! It’s what we might call the “Hard Labor of Love,” I guess…

    Well, since I already said more things than I said I would say, I’d better sign off…

    Three cheers for the Mediation Channel and many happy returns!!!


  8. To Victoria, Karl, Holly, Tom, Jeff, and Phil – thank you so very much! Folks like you are why I have kept at it all these years. Three cheers for all of you!