Cafe Mediate: 1st episode in new ADR podcast series covers value billing

Cafe MediateCafe Mediate is the latest brainchild of mediation marketing and conflict resolution expert Tammy Lenski, who publishes two popular blogs, Conflict Zen and Making Mediation Your Day Job. Cafe Mediate (motto: “where conversation not caffeine is the stimulant”), a new monthly podcast series, will feature lively discussion among ADR professionals about topics relevant to practitioners, from the pragmatic to the provocative.

The inaugural session just aired. This transatlantic conversation brought together me, Tammy, and international business mediator Amanda Bucklow, who is based in England and blogs at the top-drawer Mediation Times, to talk about an issue of great interest to conflict resolution professionals: value billing.

Listen in to the podcast at “Value-based fees in the mediation and ADR world“.  If you use an RSS reader (for further instructions, see this video Tammy helpfully created), you can subscribe to alerts at CafeMediate’s main page.

Thanks to Tammy for inviting me to join in and to the extraordinary Amanda as well – I enjoyed the conversation and am already looking forward to the next one.

5 responses to “Cafe Mediate: 1st episode in new ADR podcast series covers value billing

  1. Diane, I’m *so* happy you’re part of this — your articulate, informed voice matters so much to me and to the ADR world. Here’s to many an interesting conversation ahead!

  2. I hope to be part of a future one!

    Well done!


  3. Thank you for posting your recent Cafe Mediate podcast conversation. A riff:

    Imagining Scenario A, the prospective client asks: “What are the services going to cost me, and when will I get the resolution I want?”

    In Scenario B, the prospective client is pondering the question: “How much value do I place on your contribution to this problem that is so important for me to sort out?”

    In Scenario A, it appears the client imagines the Buyer – Seller relationship will lead to satisfaction.

    Scenario B seems more introspective, centered around seeking a situational commitment and collaborative relationship.

    If I’m understanding correctly that the value-based mediator fee concept leans more towards addressing Scenario B needs, what are the next steps in clarifying what situational commitment could look like contractually, and how to explain the nature of the collaborative relationship?

    • Peter, thanks for your comment. As I hope the podcast made clear, none of us is an expert on value billing – in fact, we’re value billing neophytes. The purpose of our conversation was to do some thinking out loud together about a promising new approach to client billing. Consequently I don’t know the answers to the important questions you’ve raised. You might want to check in with Tammy, who seems to have been thinking about the promise of value billing for some time now. Or contact one of the resources linked to from the original podcast site for an expert’s view. Thanks again for asking great questions, Peter, and thanks for visiting. Sorry I can’t be of further help to you!