Simply the best: good-bye to Geoff Sharp and Mediator Blah…Blah…

Safe trip, Geoff!Sad news today, friends.

One of the very best of the ADR bloggers is closing up shop.

Geoff Sharp has announced today that Mediator Blah…Blah… has ceased publication for now. Other projects beckon, and time with family matters. Geoff writes,

We’ve had fun, you and me. Thanks for reading, I remain grateful that you took the time.

We did indeed have fun, Geoff, and we are the ones who should say thanks.

Geoff wrote with honesty and straight from the heart, as posts such as “Rehearsing in poetry, practising in prose” will attest.

I’d been blogging for just under a year when I first met Geoff. His reflections on practice have been an important part of my online life for over three years, and I will miss him very much.

Best wishes, Geoff. Thanks for everything. And I’m really glad we’re friends.

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