From the vault: Mediation Channel classics for August

From the Mediation Channel vaultI realized recently that I’ve been blogging for over four years. During that time I’ve produced quite a bit of writing – over 900 posts.  That realization prompted me last month to institute a new feature: Mediation Channel Classics, since I thought it might be worth a look back in time.

At the start of each month, I’ll be highlighting selected posts published in other years during that month. These are posts that have proved to be classics – they continue to draw traffic, or at the time they were published, they generated commentary (or sometimes controversy) or emails; some are very simply my favorites.

Here are my selections for August:

From August 2008:

From August 2007:

From August 2006:

From August 2005:

Have a great August. For my friends in the Northern Hemisphere, hope you’re enjoying your summer.

2 responses to “From the vault: Mediation Channel classics for August

  1. Your blog is a good example of what happens when you attend to something for so long and put your soul into it, you get success!

  2. Serena, thanks for your kind words! That means a lot.