ADR practitioners to follow on Twitter

Mediators on TwitterYesterday I offered some tips on using Twitter for ADR practitioners. I promised to follow it up with a post pointing you to members of the dispute resolution community you might like to follow on Twitter.

The following are names no doubt familiar to Mediation Channel readers. All bloggers, these are folks I associate with friendly conversation and links to interesting articles and web sites. In each case the name links directly to the corresponding Twitter profile:

Other nice folks from the ADR community on Twitter that you might enjoy connecting with include these:

This is by no means a complete list of all the ADR practitioners, scholars, supporters, and students on Twitter, and I intend no slight to anyone whose name I didn’t include. If you’re a dispute resolution practitioner on Twitter, please post a comment to this post and provide your name and Twitter handle. Or, recommend an ADR professional, scholar, or student that you know on Twitter.

Of course if you’d like to follow me on Twitter, you can find me at @dianelevin.

24 responses to “ADR practitioners to follow on Twitter

  1. Great list Diane. Would not mind being included on next iteration. Regards, DonPhilbin

  2. Diane, thanks for providing this great list, a real resource. AND thanks for including me. I am in splendid company!

  3. And you can find me @amandabucklow and my blog is The Mediation Times for view from across the Pond!

    Thanks for the great tips and posts as always, Diane.

  4. Thank you I have read so many wonderful ADR blogs from following some of these people. It is wonderful. As a matter of fact I am giving a networking meeting with Victoria Pynchon tomorrow night and I will share this info too. Thank you for taking the time to post on your blog!
    Kym Adams/Mediator

  5. Great post in this one Diane. I followed you on twitter.


  6. Diane Levin

    Don, Stephanie, and Kym, thanks for your comments – great to hear from you folks. And Lucas Law, welcome to Mediation Channel, and thanks so much for your comment.

    By the way, folks, Don’s Twitter name is @DonPhilbin. I can see that I’m going to need to create a Part II to this list soon! I’d also suggest David Specht, @dlspecht and Steve Mehta. Kym, I just checked and I see you’re not on Twitter. Are you planning on joining the tweeting hordes soon? If so, please let me know what your Twitter handle is. Thanks, all!

  7. Edward W. McIntyre

    New to Twitter. Would like to be included in next iteration of ADR providers. Mediation. Fostering accord via dialogue. @ndispute

  8. Ellen Greaves

    Thanks for all that you share, Diane. I’m a mediator based in North Carolina who also does political analysis and management consulting.

  9. Hi Diana,
    I think your website/blog is great, so informative and inspiring. Nice Job! I am just starting out with social media and I am ready to launch my first post on my blog in a few days. It would really help me if I can be included in your list. My twitter handle is @coachcrowning.
    Thanks so much for spreading good news and information!

  10. This is wonderful! Thank you, Diane.

    P.S. My name comes up as mgoose12. . .long story.

  11. Diane,

    Thanks for the mention, all your help in ramping up our Twitter account, and your recommendations on more ADR pracititioners to follow!!

  12. Diane Levin

    Wow, thanks, folks. So, let’s see, in addition to the ones in the post and in the comments so far, now we’ve got:

    Ellen Greaves, @ECGreaves
    Edward W. McIntyre, @ndispute
    Debra Healy, @mgoose12
    Berry Kruijning, @coachcrowning

    Debra, one day you’ve got to tell me the story behind that Twitter handle of yours. Is mgoose short for Mother Goose or mongoose? You’re either a fan of fairy tales or Rikki-Tikki-Tavi.

    Amanda, I can’t believe I left you off my list – I’m embarrassed! Thanks for reminding me. Amanda Bucklow is on Twitter at:

    To my buddies at the National Arbitration Forum, you folks are so welcome. Happy to do it.

    I’m still hoping to hear from others. I’d really love to generate a comprehensive list of mediators, arbitrators, and conflict resolvers on Twitter.

  13. Deeply offended… (just kidding). I’m tweeting at or @leejayb. Also friends @dougnoll, @stevemehta, @FJSmediation. More??…..

  14. Diane Levin

    Nuts, I’m definitely going to have to do a Part II. Lee, thanks for reminding me of other mediators on Twitter (and I can’t believe I forgot to include you – 100 lashes with a wet noodle for me). There’s also @alansharland and @LaurieIsrael. Cheers!

  15. Hi there. Just thought I’d add myself to the list of conflict resolution folks on twitter: @jwindm. I’m a university prof in a graduate (MS) program in Negotiations and Conflict Management.

  16. Diane Levin

    John, that’s great. Thanks for adding your name – great to hear from you!

  17. Hi, Diane –

    Thanks for including me in your list, Diane. I’ll immediately start bothering the folks I don’t know.

    This is a great community.


  18. Hi Diane,

    I think one of the reasons that some people may not show up is a problem with twitter. For example,I have noticed that both mine (@stevemehta) and @Alansharland don’t show up on a public search of topics. For example, I have tweeted significantly each day and most if not all of my tweets on mediation havne’t shown up on the searchable parts. It shows up as a tweet for people following, but not on a searchable tweet on a public timeline. just an observation. I have contacted twitter, but they have no real customer support to talk to.

  19. Diane Levin

    John, you are so very welcome!

    Hi, Steve, thanks for your comment and for pointing out one of the (many) flaws with Twitter. That’s crazy that you and Alan aren’t showing up. Too bad that Twitter, despite its enormous popularity, doesn’t seem to care so much about addressing problems for users. Let’s hope that this gets resolved soon.

  20. Hi Diane,
    These efforts of recognizing each other can help make our united presence more noticeable…hopefully the Twitter defects can be corrected some day. Please add us to the list of ADR professionals in the Twitterverse…… @TulsaMediator.
    Thank you, and have an amazing day!

  21. Hi Diane,

    Thanks for listing me here. I consider making this list a huge honor. Thanks also for highlighting the other blogs in this list. Some I knew about. Some I did not. You’ve just given me more great reading resources. You really are a wealth of information.

  22. Shelly you’ll be on the next incarnation of this list for sure! Thanks so much for adding your Twitter name. Guy, you are most certainly welcome!

  23. Thanks for this useful list, Diane. I’ve just seen it and have started following the twitterers you’ve mentioned. (And again, thanks for the mention!)

  24. Catherine, are you kidding? The list wouldn’t have been complete without you! And of course you’re so very welcome.