Dispute resolution job posting: Meta-Culture seeks trainer, facilitator and mediator

Meta-CultureI am honored to call friend the visionary entrepreneur and international dispute resolution professional Ashok Panikkar, who is the executive director of Meta-Culture, the only integrated dispute and relationship management consulting group in the Indian subcontinent. Meta-Culture, based in Bangalore, is in fact two companies: Meta-Culture Consulting (MCC), a corporate and social consulting business, and Meta-Culture Dialogics (MCD), a non-profit center that works in the community space.

Fast-growing and successful, Meta-Culture is currently hiring, seeking an experienced trainer, facilitator and mediator to deliver training programs, facilitate dialogue and conduct interventions in the field of conflict management and allied subjects. Primary responsibilities for the position include:

  • Client management and liaison with multinational companies and various social sector organizations in India and abroad.
  • Conducting innovative training programs in the areas of Conflict Management, Mediation, Negotiation, Cross-Cultural Communication, Critical Thinking, Creativity and Innovation.
  • Conducting diagnostics interviews, focus groups and needs assessments for training and consulting projects.
  • Preparing concept notes and recommendations for assessments and interventions.
  • Mediating disputes in the workplace and community.
  • Managing projects through their entire life cycle.

For further details, click here to download the complete job posting (PDF), along with information on qualifications and compensation. Inquiries or resumés with a cover letter may be directed to Rachel Burks, email Rachel@meta-culture.in, or call: +91-80-4152-4785/+91-80-4117-2421. Good luck to job hunters, and my best wishes to Meta-Culture, which celebrated its fourth anniversary on May 2.

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