30 countries now represented at ADRblogs.com with addition of Swedish blog

the geography of collaborationSince 2006 I’ve been cataloging blogs around the world that discuss ADR, negotiation, consensus building, and conflict resolution, at the site I created to track them, World Directory of ADR Blogs @ ADRblogs.com.

With the addition of Hantera Konflikter – a blog covering conflict resolution with a special focus on workplace issues – and also the first Swedish blog to be added to the catalog – ADRblogs.com lists nearly 200 blogs from 30 countries across a range of practice areas. Here is a selection of recent additions to the ADRblogs.com catalog:

  • Cross Collaborate is published by John Folk-Williams, a practitioner and writer in the field of public policy collaboration, interest-based negotiation, mediation and the involvement of citizens in the decisions that affect their lives.
  • Mediation Chat offers musings about community mediation practice and observations about conflict resolution techniques.
  • Kluwer Arbitration Blog covers news and issues in international commercial arbitration.
  • Transforming Conflict, published by family mediator Rina Goodman, offers information, tips, and insights to address difficult family issues.
  • Denise Hummel’s Universal Consensus Blog focuses on consensus building and cross-cultural training in international business.

Of course if you have a blog you’d like to submit for inclusion in ADRblogs.com, please let me know. Read the submission guidelines and then get in touch. (ADRblogs.com is just a few blogs shy of 200, so I’d welcome your help in putting ADRblogs.com over the top.)

ADRblogs.com is a blog itself, so you can subscribe to either the RSS feed or email list to get alerts about the latest additions to the dispute resolution blogosphere.

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