Mediating on YouTube

mediation on youtubeIt didn’t take long for mediators to leverage the power of YouTube.  A search on YouTube for “mediation” today yields almost 4,000 results, impressive even when you take into account the fact that some of those search results include “meditation” misspelled and “Mediate“, an INXS song from 1987.

Among the video clips on mediation that populate the extensive YouTube library is this one: an enterprising mediator persuaded two clients to let the camera into the mediation room and then uploaded excerpts to YouTube, where you can see some of the negotiations involving a neighborhood dispute over a dog.

You can view it here on YouTube. Creative use of social media for marketing or the mediation profession going to hell in a handbasket? You be the judge.

2 responses to “Mediating on YouTube

  1. I’m wondering if this is an actual mediation, or a glorified role-play. While the tone and tenor seemed on, it resolved in less than 4 minutes which is not the norm. (I have had a few cases settle that quickly, but a relatively few.)

    I have no “war stories” on my website or blog as I keep the confidentiality of mediation sacrosanct — probably to my and the industry’s detriment. Tough catch-22.

  2. Hi, Marvin,

    I got the impression that this was a real mediation but substantially edited down for public consumption (and just long enough not to tax the public attention span). If you watch closely, you can see the cuts. (Was it me, or did the dog owner seem not altogether thrilled with the outcome of the mediation?)

    I’m with you on sharing war stories. It’s all too easy for clients to see themselves. I know of one case where a mediation blogger got busted when their client happened to read a post describing a dispute the client was involved in. It’s important to remember that clients surf the web just like the rest of us. I imagine that in the case of this video, the clients must have signed all kinds of waivers and releases.

    Thanks for commenting.