The Complete Lawyer: a new look, a new issue

The Complete LawyerThe latest edition of The Complete Lawyer, a web-based magazine focusing on quality of life and career satisfaction for attorneys but with relevance for dispute resolution professionals as well, is now available. This month’s issue asks, “What Do Savvy Lawyers Do In An Uncertain Economy?”.

The Complete Lawyer features a regular ADR column, which explores ADR from the perspective of four attorneys who mediate – me and three colleagues, Stephanie West Allen of Idealawg and Brains on Purpose, Gini Nelson of Engaging Conflicts, and Victoria Pynchon of Settle It Now Negotiation Blog .  The four of us alternate as writers.

This month’s column, written by Nelson and Pynchon, reminds us that “Savvy Lawyers Value Their Human Capital“.

The Complete Lawyer has a fresh new look as well, and an RSS feed to go along with it, making it easier for devoted readers to follow it.  Congratulations to TCL’s innovator-in-chief, Don Hutcheson, for making an already superb online magazine even better.

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