Girl Scouts get to yes with lessons in negotiating

teaching girls to negotiateRecognizing how important the acquisition of negotiation skills is for women for educational and career advancement, Carnegie Mellon University’s Program for Research and Outreach on Gender Equity in Society (PROGRESS) has developed a negotiation badge to be awarded to Girl Scouts in fourth through sixth grade who have participated in a curriculum that teaches them negotiation and problem-solving skills.

This program not only teaches girls how to ask for what they need and negotiate win-win agreements, it also encourages them to pass along what they have learned to others:

Now that you have learned about negotiation, share your knowledge with a friend, sibling, or relative. Teach them the steps to negotiation, and the importance of approach, preparation, and practice.

You can download the activity book (in PDF) from the PROGRESS web site.

You go, girls.

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