Mediation Channel, other ADR blogs make list of top legal blogs

ADR blogs among top law blogsAvvo Blog has pulled together an automatically updating list of the top 300 law blogs, ordered by their traffic ranking on Alexa, a web traffic information site.

Mediation Channel made the cut, along with these outstanding ADR blogs:

Hat tip to my neighbor just up the road, lawyer and blogger Bob Ambrogi, whose high-ranked blog, Robert Ambrogi’s LawSites, also made the list.

3 responses to “Mediation Channel, other ADR blogs make list of top legal blogs

  1. Despite being in the top 25, nudging out both Vickie and Bob, I unfortunately have to point out that Alexa rankings are not thought to be meaningful once above 100,000.

    By that criteria, there are only 6 or 7 law blogs that have reasonable readership.

  2. I feel a bit shorted. They don’t rank subdomains, and my blog is a subdomain of my main webpage. According to Alexa, I have a traffic rank of 4,284,915, which puts me just inside the Top 300!

  3. Chris, that’s too bad that they don’t rank subdomains — I noticed that you weren’t on the list. You’re top-ranked in my book, though, my friend.

    Michael, my apologies for overlooking your blog, Bizop News, in compiling this list. That was an inadvertent oversight, which I’ve corrected (see above). I’ve got to say though that I’m not sure what you mean by “reasonable readership”. Hmm, sounds like you’re looking at it in a glass-is-half-empty kind of way. So what if a particular blog doesn’t attract the readership of, say, the Huffington Post? I think most of us are going for quality not quantity anyway. Who cares if it’s thousands or even hundreds of repeat visitors a month and not hundreds of thousands? Within this small but heavily populated pond that is the legal blogosphere, it’s nice that some of my fellow bloggers stood out. That was my point.