Federal law would create negotiation training programs for women and girls

Negotiation justice for womenOn January 9, 2009, the U.S. House of Representatives approved two bills that would remedy paycheck discrimination.  One, the Paycheck Fairness Act, would eliminate gender-based pay disparities.

What is especially significant about this Act is that it would establish a grant program to fund training for women and girls in negotiation skills. Section Five of the Act provides:

An entity that receives a grant under this subsection shall use the funds made available through the grant to carry out an effective negotiation skills training program that empowers girls and women. The training provided through the program shall help girls and women strengthen their negotiation skills to allow the girls and women to obtain higher salaries and the best compensation packages possible for themselves.

Congress has at last recognized and aims to remedy a problem that women themselves have long been aware of: that social barriers prevent women from negotiating effectively.

(Hat tip to Concurring Opinions.)

3 responses to “Federal law would create negotiation training programs for women and girls

  1. And a hat tip to Lily Ledbetter for taking Goodyear to court for paying her less than it paid men doing the same job. Indeed, the Act is commonly called the Lily Ledbetter Act. Three cheers for her courage and for the House of Representatives.

  2. This is interesting – I wonder how it will work in practice. This type of law has been on the books in UK for a while now and you still get the glass celling.

  3. DB, I’ll join you in that tip of the hat to Ledbetter. And I’m glad that Congress is finally getting its act together to pass these long-awaited bills.

    However, as the commenter from the U.K. points out, laws alone don’t effect change. They’re a start. But attitudes and perceptions need changing as well. I was glad to see support for negotiation training in the Paycheck Fairness Act. That’s a step in the right direction.