Mediation Channel begins a new season

Mediation Channel out of reruns and broadcasting againI know that an unaccustomed silence has fallen here. The last two months have brought difficult challenges for my family and me to face. With regret I had to put so much on hold, including this blog. Many of you have contacted me to ask if I’m okay, and I am deeply grateful to you for your concern.

Like many, I am glad to see a new year begin. May 2009 bring to all of you health, friendship, and hopes fulfilled.

I look forward to beginning our conversation anew.

5 responses to “Mediation Channel begins a new season

  1. Hey, great to “see” you!

  2. Stephanie, it’s great to “see” you, too! I’ve missed everybody, and it’s sure good to be back! Thanks for letting me know, buddy.

  3. Diane–

    Great to have you back. We have missed you.

    John DeGroote

  4. Diane –
    I just discovered your site and think it’s terrific. Keep up the good work!
    Barbara Madonik

  5. Hi, Barbara! Wow, great to hear from you — and thanks for your kind feedback. Hope you’re doing well — I’m glad you stopped by and said hi.