Where are all the female law bloggers? Hanging out in the ADR blogosphere of course

Legal women who blogC.C. Holland, writing for Legal Technology, laments the lack of strong female voices among legal bloggers and asks, “Where Are All the Female Law Bloggers?

Holland may not have looked very hard.

There’s a bunch of us — loud, proud, and outspoken — right here in the ADR blogosphere. We include:

Me, Diane Levin, here at Mediation Channel

Vickie Pynchon, Settle It Now Negotiation Law Blog

Stephanie West Allen, Idealawg and Brains on Purpose

Gini Nelson, Engaging Conflicts

Nancy Hudgins, Civil Negotiation and Mediation

Dominique Lopez-Eychenie, her eponymous French language blog

Jan Frankel Schau’s Mediation Insights

Phyllis G. Pollack, PGP Mediation Blog

Paula M. Lawhon, San Francisco Mediation: A Better Solution

Dina Lynch Eisenberg, Mediation Mensch

Andrea Schneider, Nancy Welsh, and Sarah Rudolph Cole, ADR Prof Blog

(I’m also going to make dispute resolution professional and blogging role model Tammy Lenski an honorary lawyer since no list of women who blog about mediation would be complete without including her and her two blogs, Conflict Zen and Mediator Tech.)

9 responses to “Where are all the female law bloggers? Hanging out in the ADR blogosphere of course

  1. Now THAT is one impressive group! Thanks for responding, Diane.

  2. Now here’s one time I’m pleased to be included! What a smart group, Diane, full of creativity, generosity, and yes, power.

  3. Uh, Geoff, girls? Girls?? That’s Women with a capital W to you, buster. Geez. (Just yanking your chain, buddy — couldn’t resist — you know how much your support has always meant, my friend.) 😉

    Tammy, glad you were honored and not offended when I deputized you as an attorney for this particular list. I know how you feel about it when folks get the practice of law and the practice of mediation confused. But it just wouldn’t have been right not to include you on this list of women who blog about ADR.

    Stephanie, you are most certainly welcome. I figured someone had to make a little noise over the slight to all the mediating and negotiating women who blog.

  4. Hey, I’m thinking with this much girl power we should be able to invoke world peace at least! Thanks for including me.


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  6. C.C. Holland

    Diane, what a great list! Thanks for assembling it.

    In my defense, I have to tell you that the question I was hoping to answer in the article was why the female law bloggers out there aren’t more prominent and/or easy to find. Unfortunately, unless you’re searching specifically for ADR blogs, it’s quite a hunt to find you guys.

    And trust me — I dug quite deep, both in Internet research and in asking attorneys and law professors which law blogs they regularly read. Unfortunately, those avenues led to a predominantly male group. For instance, do a Google search on “law blogs,” “best law blogs,” and “popular law blogs;” the results speak for themselves.

    And it’s not that I don’t know you are out there; I’ve interviewed Vickie Pynchon in the past and know there’s a strong network of ADR folks in the blogosphere. The listing of strong female voices that accompanied my main article didn’t purport to be an exhaustive list. Rather, it was created by interviewing my sources about their favorite female-authored blogs and by examining lists of best blogs. Obviously there are more than those listed; however, these women were mentioned most often.

    I would love to do a follow-up article that can include a more comprehensive list of female law bloggers, and would love to get your perspectives if my editor okays it.

    Thanks again for picking up this ball and running with it!

    C.C. Holland

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