New blog Settlement Perspectives puts spotlight on resolving disputes and getting the deal done

Settlement Perspectives

Attorney John DeGroote has hit the ground running with the launch of his blog, Settlement Perspectives. Although his blog is just five posts old as of today’s date, John has already demonstrated the exemplary writing and skillful storytelling that are the mark of the successful blogger.

John tells readers the value he brings to the table:

I created this site to help clients and their counsel navigate the challenges that inevitably result from disputes, settlement efforts, impasse, and negotiation in general. The perspectives I bring are based on my experience, including more than 8 years as the Chief Litigation Counsel of a global company and the sometimes difficult lessons I learned before I got here.

In his first post, “Why Are We Here?“, John extends an invitation to readers to share their perspectives:

…it seems that a place where lawyers and clients can find new, and sometimes different, perspectives on how to settle disputes can save everyone time, money and risk exposure. With your contributions and comments, I think can serve that purpose.

By the way, John has created a resources page for visitors to his site and was kind enough to include links to the World Directory of ADR Blogs and to Mediation Channel.

John, congratulations on the launch of what is already an impressive blog and one that I shall look forward to reading. It’s a pleasure to welcome you.

4 responses to “New blog Settlement Perspectives puts spotlight on resolving disputes and getting the deal done

  1. Diane–

    Thank you for this post. I am truly impressed by how welcoming the blogging community has been, and I appreciate your kind words. I look forward to our future discussions–


  2. John, you’re very welcome. And my thanks to you for reaching out to bloggers like me to share the good news about the launch of your blog. Best of luck to you, and again, my congratulations!

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  4. Linda Olden-Smith

    Welcome and Kudo’s to John DeGroote. I expect to be a regular visitor.