Envision word peace with Wordle, a word cloud generator

Create word peace with word clouds with Wordle


I was fascinated last week by the word clouds — graphic depictions — of the convention speeches of Senators Barack Obama and John McCain that appeared on so many web sites and blogs.

Word clouds are visual representations of words. The larger the word in the image, the more frequently it appears on the site.

I was delighted then when the folks at the National Arbitration Forum Blog created an ADR word cloud using Wordle, an online tool.

I generated the images you’re seeing by feeding the content of Mediation Channel and my other site, ADRblogs.com, to Wordl. You can create one for yourself using a blog’s feed or by submitting words of your own.

It’s the chance to see right before your eyes the weight words are given as Wordle captures in a snapshot what is important at a particular moment in time.

Word peace with Wordle


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