International Mediation Institute honors mediation blogs from across the globe

Mediation blogsThe International Mediation Institute (IMI), a public policy initiative creating international competency standards for certifying mediators, has conferred a great honor upon a select group of bloggers.

IMI has created a special section on its web site to recognize the work of mediation bloggers from countries around the world. IMI’s list of bloggers, with links and brief descriptions, is prefaced by these words from Herman Melville that capture beautifully the spirit of both mediation and blogging:

We cannot live only for ourselves.
A thousand fibres connect us with our fellow men;
and among those fibres, as sympathetic threads,
our actions run as causes, and they come back to us as effects.

I feel privileged that Mediation Channel was among those included. I’m in the company of the likes of Geoff Sharp (New Zealand), Tammy Lenski (U.S.), Marcus Brinkmann (Germany), Sanjana Hattotuwa (Sri Lanka), and others who have contributed in significant ways to the quality of the conversation about ADR on the web. You can explore the complete list of mediation blogs at the IMI web site.

Thank you, IMI, for your generous support of our community of bloggers.

(Hat tip to Samil Demir who publishes the Turkish language Arabulucu Blog.)

5 responses to “International Mediation Institute honors mediation blogs from across the globe

  1. Diane, what an honorable cohort to be part of! I’ll follow your lead and help get the word out.

    Belly rubs to Dhobi.

  2. Tammy, thanks! It’s exciting to see support from organizations like this for the ADR blogosphere. Not so long ago there were just a small handful of us out here blogging about conflict resolution…just look at us now.

    P.S. Dhobi was very happy to get that belly rub.

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