Channel surfing at a round-up of links

channel surfing at A quick round-up of stories for your reading pleasure:

They say that it’s better to give than to receive. In part that’s because of the pleasure we experience in giving to others. Science Daily reports that monkeys derive the same pleasure from giving that humans do.

Bob Sutton at Work Matters reports on a study that shows how much a manager’s implicit assumptions about personnel limits his or her ability to notice changes in employees’ performance. He explains that hope remains: it is possible to shift from a “fixed” mindset to a “growth” mindset.

Not Exactly Rocket Science discusses the development of cooperation and sensitivity to others in humans, reporting that children learn to share by age 7-8.

As college students around the country head off to campus for the start of the academic year, many will find themselves living with roommates, an experience that can be positive or characterized by conflict. The Situationist shares research on college freshmen living with a roommate:

An essential element in reducing loneliness and building a good roommate relationship involves moving away from … ‘ego-system’ approach, in which people focus on their own needs and try to shore up their self-image, toward an ‘eco-system’ approach, in which people are motivated by genuine caring and compassion for another person.

2 responses to “Channel surfing at a round-up of links

  1. Sharing and Children is an interesting issue. I have three sons of different ages and the way they share is completely different.

    The eldest aged 10 is fine to share and too lose at games (some times on purpose)

    The middle one who is six will share but isn’t really that keen to do so.

    My youngest who is under two doesn’t like the idea at all and won’t share at all!

    I am sure that going to school makes a really big different to the whole thing.

  2. Wow, did this bring back some memories for me. It was fascinating as my kids grew up to watch their ability to share evolve over time, from baby to young adult. Thanks for sharing your own view from the trenches of parenthood!