Blawg Review goes for the gold with Olympic themes (or Olympic size)

Blawg Review goes for the gold with Olympic themes (and size)Blawg Review, a weekly roaming blog carnival focusing on law and justice, spotlights the best in legal blogging. Each week a different blogger plays host. It is a truly Olympian feat, demanding preparation, commitment, and hard work, yielding rewards for both host and reader, while behind each host stands Blawg Review‘s anonymous editor.

This month, in honor of the Olympic games in Beijing, the presentations of Blawg Review have possessed Olympic themes (or, in one case, an Olympic length). They are:

  • Blawg Review #173, hosted by Chicago IP Litigation Blog, relies upon the elements of a world-record swim to frame the presentation. Highlights include advice on avoiding people traps at networking events, a report of one public library that allows kids to rent R-rated movies, and analysis of the Russia-Georgia conflict.
  • Blawg Review #172, hosted by Ohio Employer’s Law Blog, is an Olympic-themed Blawg Review, and includes a brief but fascinating history of the origin of the Olympic games. In addition to finding links to more serious content, you’ll also learn of the ACLU’s avowed commitment to protect your right to wear a mullet.
  • Blawg Review #171, presented by IP ADR Blog, celebrates virgins, as mediator Victoria Pynchon serves as host of Blawg Review for the first time. This Olympic-sized edition of Blawg Review was so lengthy, it needed its own executive summary.

This coming Monday, Texas Appellate Law Blog hosts Blawg Review #174.

[Update: Blawg Review #174 is now available at Texas Appellate Law Blog. It’s a refreshingly theme-free edition of Blawg Review.]

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