Mediator Victoria Pynchon hosts Blawg Review for first time on IP ADR Blog

Mediator loses her cherry hosting Blawg Review for first timeThey say you never forget your first time.

And something tells me that Victoria Pynchon, mediator and author of the negotiation blog Settle It Now, will leave us all with plenty to remember as she plays first-time host to Blawg Review this coming Monday at her second home, IP ADR Blog.

Blawg Review, for those of you not familiar with it, is a weekly review of the best in legal blogging hosted each week by a different blogger, who each present a unique perspective on law, legal issues, and legal scholarshiptopics which affect mediators, too.

Want to know the identities of the other Blawg Review virgins? The anonymous editor of Blawg Review kisses and tells. Meanwhile, let’s all see what we can do to make Vickie’s first time really special — visit IP ADR Blog on Monday, August 4, and, if you’re a blogger, give her some link love.

[Update: Blawg Review #171, the Virgin Edition, is now up at IP ADR Blog. It is indeed as memorable as one could wish a first time to be.]

(Photo credit: Camila Schnaibel.)

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