Test your moral DNA online

Angel? Or devil? Test your moral DNAWant to know what you’re really made of — ethically speaking, that is? The Times Online links to an online test that identifies your moral DNA.

This test ranks in order of preference the three moral philosophies that guide your ethical decision making: principled conscience, social conscience and rules compliance. Your test results reveal your ethical nature — enforcer, philosopher, judge, angel, teacher, or guardian.

Personally I have skepticism aplenty about a test that purports to plumb my moral depths, particularly when the outcome rests on a mere handful of responses. According to my test results, I am an angel — which any of my closest friends will assure you I am not. 😉

For a more scholarly sojourn into the realm of human moral judgment, visit the Moral Sense Test, which I blogged about three years ago. The MST is part of a research study sponsored by the Primate Cognitive Neuroscience Laboratory at Harvard.

(Hat tip to Thinking Ethics.)

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