Resolving Conflict in Teams: new blog latest addition to

Resolving Conflict in TeamsThe World Directory of ADR Blogs has just added a new entry to its catalog: Resolving Conflict in Teams, published by American conflict resolution specialist Guy Harris, who describes himself as a “recovering engineer”. Guy explains:

I completed both a BS and MS in Chemical Engineering, and I served as a Nuclear trained submarine officer in the US Navy.

As my career progressed through various leadership roles, I began to realize that my biggest problems were with people and not with equipment. So, I started to study and apply “people skills” to get better at my job. I eventually grew to love the study of leadership, communication, and conflict resolution principles. Now, I am a Conflict Resolution Specialist. I specialize in helping teams resolve conflicts so that they can get better results.

On this new blog, Guy shares his insights in posts like “Are You at War or at Peace?“, which describes how your heart affects the way you perceive others in conflict.

Welcome, Guy, to the ADR blogosphere.

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