What About Clients? No, What About Paris?

A rose by any other name as What About Clients adopts a new nom de plumeBrevity, said the Bard, is the soul of wit.

If you seek proof of the truth of that maxim, then look no further than What About Clients?, one of the very best of the legal blogs. Irreverent, edgy, and smart, with a keen international focus, What About Clients? has long made the case that in a flat world, savvy American lawyers eager to retain their competitive edge must look beyond U.S. borders and across the seas for news, ideas, and business.

Practicing what it preaches, WAC? recently assumed a new name (What About Paris?) and a new slogan (“News and ideas on clients, customers, business and law around the globe”). What remains unchanged of course are the crisp writing, dangerously sharp ideas, and the extensive list of international blogs in the site’s sidebars.

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