Mediation blogs multiplying like rabbits at

Mediation blogs multiplying like rabbitsBefore I was so rudely interrupted, I was about to tell you about the latest additions to my ongoing project to catalog ADR blogs world-wide at the World Directory of ADR Blogs.

They include:

NYC Family Mediation and Collaborative Law
is published by mediator and collaborative lawyer Joy Rosenthal, whose motto is “Let’s talk!”. This blog offers reflections on family-based and divorce mediation and collaborative law from the heart of New York City.

Mediation Stuff, published by New Hampshire-based John Lassey (which means he is practically my neighbor), brings perspectives and ideas on mediation and ADR from someone who’s been a trial lawyer for 30 years and a mediator for 15.

The next four I owe to the web-surfing talents of mediator and barrister Geoff Sharp:

The ZapaBlog (which I first mistook for a misspelled tribute blog to the immortal Frank Zappa) is the work of Brandon Krieg, president of Zapacap Mediation. Brandon’s work and this blog focus on the needs of small businesses.

Malaysian Mediation is published by Chan Kheng Hoe, Advocate-Mediator, who has extensive experience in commercial dispute resolution and serves as a mediator on the panel of the Malaysian Mediation Centre. This is also the first Malaysian blog added to

My Weblog by James South is published by a New Zealand barrister and solicitor, who also serves as a director for the Centre for Effective Dispute Resolution (CEDR). He launched this blog with the intention of recording his experiences in many different countries to establish mediation in civil justice systems around the world.

Global Conflict Resolution and Mediation Discussion posts conflict resolution and mediation articles and comments, from the Mediation Training Institute International.

I’d like to wish a warm welcome to the ADR blog neighborhood to all of these bloggers.

Incidentally, if you publish a blog and would like it added to the World Directory of ADR Blogs, don’t be shy — let me know about it.

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