Blawg Review is a box of assorted chocolates

Blawg Review is a box of assorted chocolatesSince I began blogging over three years ago, I’ve been a devotee of Blawg Review, the review of the best in legal blogging hosted each week by a different blogger. I read it regularly, and I’ve even served as host on three occasions (once with fellow blogging mediator Geoff Sharp).

Why do I read Blawg Review? When law is so integral to our political, social, commercial, and civic interactions, never has it been more important to stay informed about the impact the law produces on the way we live and work together.

But it’s more than just the weekly synopsis of the major stories affecting the law that draws me to Blawg Review every Monday. It’s the fact that each week a new host provides another spin, a different viewpoint, on law and justice.

It’s like a box of assorted chocolates. You reach into the box, not knowing what you’ll get until you take a taste. Sometimes it’s a playful caramel in milk chocolate, a sophisticated dark chocolate truffle with a hint of espresso, an angelic praline enrobed in a white chocolate shell, or a tart raspberry edged with bittersweet chocolate. (Of course at times you may encounter a nut or two.) If one is not to your taste, then wait but a week and then sample again.

Consider how different are the most recent two hosts of Blawg Review:

Last week, it was David Harlow hosting Blawg Review #154 at Health Blawg to honor World Health Day 2008, dedicated to protecting health from the effects of climate change.

And this week Greg May at California Blog of Appeal good-naturedly hosts Blawg Review #155 and celebrates (or, some might say, desecrates) National Poetry Month.

And next week will be something entirely different when Virtually Blind, a blog that discusses legal issues impacting virtual worlds, plays host.

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