Blawg Review #153: things that make you go "Arrrrr"

Pirate edition of Blawg ReviewFans of Blawg Review, the weekly review of the best in legal blogging, get a two-fer this week thanks to host George M. Wallace, a lawyer in Pasadena, California.

George hoists the Jolly Roger at the pirate-themed Blawg Review #153 at Declarations & Exclusions, warning readers with these ominous words:

But tell me true now: It be Blawg Review ye’ve really come seekin’, eh? Thought as much.Well, yer appeal’s been heard and ye’ve come to the proper place. And properly warned ye be, sez I.

But here ye’ll find no more o’ yer namby-pamby “Blawg Review,” savvy?

No, matey, that be fer the lace and waistcoat gentry, an’ the lords o’ the Admiralty an’ such-like luckless landlocked lumpers, wi’ their clerks an’ their cubicles an’ their quills an’ their copiers.

No, me hearty: for the likes o’ us — bold ‘n’ dangerous sorts that we be, don’cha know — hencefor’rd this be . . .Blarrgh Review!

Meanwhile, for landlubbers, George has produced a second edition of Blawg Review, in the form of an April Fool’s Day appendix at his other blog, A Fool in the Forest.

Highlights from these editions of Blawg Review include a look at how many innocent people remain behind bars, tips on negotiating with sociopaths, discussion of a check written on toilet paper, and a revealing glimpse into the sexual fantasies of lawyers (hint: it involves bargaining).

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