What pop culture references inspire you as a mediator?

Reality television and mediationStraight from the folks who got me wondering what would be on your mediator’s playlist comes another question suitable for a Friday: “Besides ‘Animal House’, What Pop Culture References Inspire You?

I’d like to ask the same thing of mediators and negotiators: what pop culture references inspire you?

The haggling scene from “Life of Brian”?

The conflict resolution episode of “The Office”?

“The Wedding Crashers”? (Please, God, not that.)

To get your creative juices flowing, there are a couple of lists, one here and another here with some ideas.

One response to “What pop culture references inspire you as a mediator?

  1. 1. The second episode of HBO’s John Adams — see my post of that episode here:


    2. The Robert McNamara documentary The Fog of War — here:


    3. An episode of The West Wing where — at Camp David — the negotiator for the Palestinians tells his personal story explaining why his people cannot give up their “right of return.” (wish I could find this)

    4. Glengarry Glen Ross — the rough side of persuasion and proof that YOU ARE THE TECHNIQUE. Here’s Alec Baldwin on YouTube using public humiliation as a stick with predicatable consequences — http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TROhlThs9qY

    5. This scene in the movie Network where the Network Exec gets inside the crazy newsman’s mind to convince him to become a spokesman for corporate interests. Posted on my blog here:


    I’d love to see other people’s favorites!