The British are coming! New mediation blog invites international conversation

UNIONJACKThanks to the always vigilant Geoff Sharp, I’ve just added a new mediation blog to my World Directory of ADR Blogs project, this one from across the pond.

The Mediation Times is the creation of Amanda Bucklow, a full-time commercial mediator for the past 12 years based in the U.K. Here’s what Amanda has to say about Mediation Times:

Why a blog and not a web site? There are a number of good mediation web sites but web sites don’t have quite the same level of interaction as a blog. I also like the idea of the mediation community making this blog what it can be. It fits the mediation model so much better! A weblog or blog is much more sophisticated and flexible. It offers a much higher level of interaction and it suits my preferred method of communicating: conversation. It is also very simple…

I also wanted to design something that could be international. You will find language translators powered by Google on this site for French, German, Italian, Dutch, Spanish and Greek. I will add more and if people post in those languages you will be able to translate into English using the same tools.

This is a blog that really encourages full participation in the conversation — and I like the idea of Google translators so that language is never a barrier to joining in. Not so different from what we mediators try to do with our clients, I’d say.

I hope you’ll stop by Mediation Times and join me and Geoff in wishing Amanda a warm welcome to the ADR blogosphere.

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