Make new friends by celebrating World Pillow Fight Day

Feathers fly and friendships form at World Pillow Fight DayFar be it from me, a mediator, to encourage conflict, but this sounds like good, clean, wacky fun.

On Saturday, March 22, people will be gathering in cities all around the world (including my own, Boston, in Copley Square) to take part in a pillow fight in honor of International Pillow Fight Day. Instructions and rules of engagement are available for starting your own public pillow fight.

What are the benefits? According to the Pillow Fight Day web site,

people will make new friends, re-unite with old ones, meet future lovers, and revel in the blissful one-ness of a free, fun, social gathering.

And who knows? If this a sign of things to come, perhaps in the not-too-distant future there’ll be an International Food Fight Day. In anticipation, you can order yourself one of these spring-loaded catapult spoons.

(Photo credit: Gabriella Fabbri.)

(Hat tip to the Atlantic Review.)

2 responses to “Make new friends by celebrating World Pillow Fight Day

  1. I think this is a great idea. I recently saw a fight at a mall, and the first thing I thought was these girls should be throwing pillows at each other rather than fists.

  2. Diane Levin

    Jason, I’m really glad you posted — since in doing so, you introduced me to your blog, Open to Difference. I love your use of photos to emphasize the message in your posts. Thanks so much for stopping by.