Legal outsourcing, interview with Dwight Golann, latest in International Dispute Negotiation podcast series

International Dispute Negotiation a great podcast seriesIf you’re interested in learning more about the resolution of international disputes or other topics that concern the practice of dispute resolution and negotiation abroad, there is no better resource than the International Dispute Negotiation (IDN) podcast series.

IDN is hosted by Michael McIlwrath, Senior Counsel, Litigation for GE Infrastructure – Oil & Gas. The two latest issues of this excellent series are #16, “How to Borrow a Mediator’s Powers” with ADR scholar Professor Dwight Golann from my alma mater Suffolk University Law School in Boston; and #17, “Offshore Litigation Work in India“, in which Mike pays a visit to Mumbai to explore this controversial method of reducing litigation costs in common law systems and talks to the founder of successful outsourcing firm Pangea3, and to one of its top managers.

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