April 18, 2008 is Poop For Peace Day

This is probably way more information than any of us really needs to know, but here goes.

Poop For Peace Day (do not click if you possess a low tolerance level for the scatological) is based on the notion that #2 is the best way to solve the world’s #1 problem:

Poop For Peace Day is not a day of protest. Pooping for peace is not a left-wing or right-wing activity. Pooping for peace is an act of unity. It’s not about religion or politics. Rather, it’s about the simple truth: underlying our religions and our politics are universal needs, wants and desires. To poop for peace is to transcend arbitrary divisions and embrace that which makes us human. Only from starting at such a fundamental truism can we hope to expand our understandings and solve our differences.

If you say so.

Via Kottke.org.

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