Find your balance at Conflict Zen

Conflict ZenTammy Lenski — talented blogger, prolific author, inspiring colleague, and respected thought leader — heads in a bold new direction.

After blogging about conflict resolution at for many years, she is leaving her old digital home and launched a new site, Conflict Zen.

Tammy explains why:

My writing has always served two masters: You and me. You, in that you have interest in effective conflict resolution in your life, your family, your workplace or business, and/or your community, and it’s what’s drawn you to subscribe to my articles. Me, in that my writing helps me explore ways to frame what works for my current clients so that I can share it even more effectively with future clients.

But I have always puzzled over the paradox of an imperfect human (me) offering up conflict resolution advice to others. It’s important to me that you understand I don’t come to you from the high place of interpersonal perfection, but instead as an equal human in front of you. I happen to know a thing or two about conflict resolution because I’ve spent two decades studying and successfully practicing it in a professional capacity. But I have yearned for a place where I would frame my work as a teacher who is also your co-learner. Conflict Zen will be that place.

Tammy, best of luck. I’m glad to know that we will all continue to benefit from your wisdom.

One response to “Find your balance at Conflict Zen

  1. Thank you kindly, Diane. I’m so energized by the new blog and the promise it holds, and I’m delighted for your help in getting out the word!