Human-robot disputes the future frontier for family mediation?

Human-robot relationshipsDavid Levy, artificial intelligence expert and author of Love and Sex with Robots (no, I’m not making that up), in a recent interview with Scientific American predicts that humans one day will marry robots.

One observation about the need for disagreement in relationships caught my attention:

[Journalist:] Would people really want a robot that agreed with everything you wanted or were completely predictable?

[Levy:] I do think there is often a need for friction in relationships. You wouldn’t actually want a robot that does everything you want. Most people might want robots that sometimes say, “I don’t really want to do that,” that rejects certain requests from time to time. So you could program that in, the level of disagreement you want.

Which leaves me wondering how those disagreements will be handled. Do you simply reboot your partner? (Be honest now — how many of you have wished you could do that?)

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