Radio station holds Valentine's Day contest to give away free divorce

Radio station gives away free divorce on Valentine’s DayOn Valentine’s Day, romance is in the air.

But not for Charleston, West Virginia radio station WKLC. It’s holding a Valentine’s Day contest to give away a free divorce to one lucky couple.

There’s just a couple of problems. That free divorce — surprise, surprise — doesn’t include the services of a divorce mediator. And it may not be so free — the winner of the contest instead will only get 10 free hours of an attorney’s time.

Ten hours may only be enough to just get you started — especially if you consider the study the Boston Law Collaborative conducted of 199 divorce cases. It found that for divorcing couples, “[m]ediation was by far the least expensive option, with a median cost of $6,600, compared to $19,723 for a collaborative divorce, $26,830 for settlements negotiated by rival lawyers, and $77,746 for full-scale litigation.”

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