The Mediator Magazine: great online resource for the dispute resolution professional

The Mediator MagazineThe Mediator Magazine, published monthly, delivers news, profiles, columns, and polls dedicated to the art and practice of mediation. Although many of the articles focus on the work of mediators in the U.K., it holds a universal appeal, covering issues of concern to mediators regardless of where in the world they practice.

This month’s issue includes “Global Standards ‘Impossibly Cumbersome'”, a critical look at the efforts of the International Mediation Institute to establish a global mediator competency certification system; “Law-Law better than War-War?”, a discussion of the results of a Mediator Magazine poll that asked readers whether lawyers always make the best mediators; and “Craving Collapse”, which considers whether an economic downturn could be good news for mediators.

The Mediator Magazine is a flash-based site, so I’m not able to link directly to the articles cited here. You’ll need to visit the site yourself to access these and other articles. It’s just too bad this great online resource relies on flash and lacks an RSS feed or an email subscription service so that readers could be notified when new issues are published.

Nonetheless, The Mediator Magazine is worth a look and even a bookmark in your browser.

(With thanks to my friend across the Atlantic, Justin Patten, for alerting me and his other readers to this online publication.)

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