Let the games begin: Blawg Review #145

What About Clients? hosts the brawling, boisterous Blawg Review #145. Gird your loins, get your sword, and test your mettle on the sand of the Colosseum at this larger-than-life-size edition of Blawg Review, the weekly review of the best in legal blogging.

Host Dan Hull sets the rules:

BR #145 is about Who You Really Are and how you prepare and engage for Lawyer Life…

VENI, VIDI, VICI. “I came, I saw, I conquered”. Sounds pretty macho, huh? But there’s a gentler side to it. First, as a Human Being, and a lawyer, are you prepared to meet the challenges before you? Second, can you think and develop a strategy to survive, prosper and get what you want in life and law? Do you have the right Tools? Third, can you Act? Do you have the sand, the spirit and the moxie for the Arena?

Hmmm. With all this talk of Colosseums, this presentation of Blawg Review puts me in mind of a Cole Porter song. Feel free to sing along as you experience Blawg Review #145:


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