By reading this blog, you agree to mandatory arbitration

Burger joint imposes mandatory arbitration agreement on unwitting customersJust when you think that mandatory arbitration clauses, cropping up ever more frequently in consumer agreements and employment contracts, can’t get any more outrageous, along comes a business that stoops to a new low.

The Mojo Blog at Mother Jones reports that

[T]he owner of an East Texas Whataburger has apparently taken arbitration mania to a new level. Every public entrance to the burger franchise displays a sign informing people that simply setting foot on the premises means that they are giving up their right to sue the company for any reason, even if, for instance, they get a little e coli along with their fries. Instead, customers will be forced to arbitrate their claims before the American Mediation Association, an organization that seems to consist of three lawyers in Dallas hired by the Whataburger (part of a 58-year-old fast food chain deemed a “Texas treasure” by the state legislature).

(Emphasis added.)

(Hat tip to Consumer Law & Policy Blog.)

One response to “By reading this blog, you agree to mandatory arbitration

  1. And we wonder why Americans are confused about mediation v arbitration and are speaking, with increasing frequency, disparagingly about mediation in blogs and podcasts! I see stories like this, Diane, and my skin crawls.