Mediation Channel link round up | January 24, 2008

Link round up from Mediation ChannelJust a few stories spotted in my travels around the web that piqued my interest and hopefully yours as well, dear reader:

In a new twist on the old maxim, “Keep your friends close and your enemies closer,” The Illinois Trial Practice Blog has advice for new lawyers: learn from people more experienced than you — like your opponent.

Robert Ambrogi at Legal Blog Watch reports on the results of a first-of-its-kind video contest sponsored by the State of Texas Bar, Lone Star Stories: Texans on Justice. The contest rules were simple:

Create a three-minute-or-less video that captures your vision of the importance and value of the justice system in our daily lives.

You can view the winning videos at Youtube. Ambrogi’s favorite? “Like Justice for Chocolate“. Mine, too. Go see for yourself.

China Law Blog has advice on cultural awareness in business contexts that can be boiled down to four blunt words: “Don’t Be An Asshole“.

That’s also the workplace advice from Bob Sutton as he reports on the results of a study that indicate that when people are treated rudely, their performance suffers.

It’s advice, if followed, that could put mediators and lawyers out of business.

Science Daily explains how “The Mind And Body Together Lean Toward ‘Truthiness’” — in other words, “the more ambiguous an answer to a question, the more likely an individual will believe it is truthful”.

Finally, Cognitive Daily reports on “What you know, and how it’s different from what you remember” — it’s not just a linguistic difference.

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