A treasure trove of optical illusions on display at Illusion of the Year contest site

optical illusionFans like me of optical illusions will want to mark their calendars. May 11, 2008, is the date set for the 4th Annual Best Visual Illusion of the Year Contest, held in Naples, Florida. This is a contest that takes illusion seriously — even the trophies that three lucky winners will receive are optical illusions.

You can view the work of previous contestants, which include enough visual marvels to delight and surprise even the most jaded illusion enthusiast, among them the world’s largest lightness illusion, “how many circles do you see?“, and bouncing brains.

A word of caution — you may want to pop a couple of Dramamine before viewing some of the entries.

Incidentally, I’ve added “Optical Illusions” as a category on this blog. Feel free to explore.

(Hat tip to Omni Brain.)

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