New Year's (Dispute) Resolution #1: Try new stuff

Change is good - embrace changeRoutine is safe.

My dog knows this from personal experience.

On days when routine is followed, food arrives at regular intervals, you enjoy long naps, and humans take you for walks and rub your belly. On days that depart from the routine, you end up at the groomer’s or, worse, at the vet’s getting neutered.

Even among humans, change has gotten a bad rap, and understandably so. When it comes, we’re often not ready for it. We may be powerless to stop it. We have no control over it. Or no one consults us in advance, even if we may be directly affected by it. We have no say in it.

It’s easy to forget that change can be fun. Or exciting.

It can inspire us. It can give us a new sense of purpose. It can help us find new meaning in our work or our lives.

When was the last time you diverted from your own routine? Tried something new? Saw a problem from someone else’s side? Reconsidered a long-held opinion? Tried to do something in a different way? Changed your mind about something?

What new stuff will you try this year?

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