Lawyers Appreciate… democracy

lawyers appreciate democracyMemes are ideas or units of cultural information transmitted, as viruses are, from one individual to the next. Blogs provide a rich medium for memes to flourish in, as bloggers invite (or incite) each other to comment on and disseminate them.

Stephanie West Allen, who publishes Idealawg, a blog that honors the creative spirit within the practice of law, and Julie Fleming Brown of Life at the Bar, have announced the second annual celebration of Lawyers Appreciate…, a legal meme in which bloggers are invited to express appreciation for the things that matter most to them about the practice of law in a 10-day countdown to the start of the new year.

Stephanie invited me, together with bloggers Vickie Pynchon and Gini Nelson, to add our thoughts. Both of them have already weighed in, the former to praise end-of-the-year appreciation memes, the latter to honor justice.

As for me? Of all the images from 2007, among the most enduring are those of lawyers protesting in the streets of Pakistan. As I contemplated those images in November, I asked, “Is it time for a Nobel Prize in law?

What do I appreciate about the law? You can find my answer there.

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