Blawg Review Nominations

Blawg Review Nominations 2007Blawg Review, acknowledged recently by the American Bar Association as one of the top 100 law blogs, is unique among blogs. Hosted each week by a different legal blog, no better source exists for current trends, new ideas, highlights of top news stories, and stimulating repartee for the legal community. Serving as a central repository or hub, it provides opportunity for legal bloggers everywhere to participate, gain visibility, and speak out.

Blawg Review now seeks nominations for the best presentation of Blawg Review this year. Anyone who has hosted a presentation of Blawg Review (or is slated to host an upcoming one) can participate. The anonymous Editor made his own recommendations in a ceremony this week in Second Life — suggestions you can view at Virtually Blind, a blog covering legal issues in virtual worlds.

As someone who has served as Blawg Review host three times now (two in 2007, #94 and #130 co-hosted with Geoff Sharp in a double-hemisphere edition, which I was honored to discover among the Editor’s recommendations), I also know how much hard behind-the-scenes work goes into each presentation.

During the past year there were many excellent editions of Blawg Review (tough acts for any host to follow). A few, however, stand out. Well crafted, inventive, intelligently written, and informative, my nominations are:

Blawg Review #124, Labor Day Special Historical Edition. Hosted by the inimitable George Lenard, this presentation skillfully weaves together archival photographs and history with a week’s worth of links to high-quality legal blogging. “Epic” is the word that comes to mind.

Blawg Review #137. Colin Samuel achieves another poetic masterpiece with his third Dante-themed presentation of Blawg Review. Bravissimo, Colin!

Blawg Review #101. Diana Skaggs of Divorce Law Journal evokes images of bluegrass, mint juleps, and the Run for the Roses in this Derby-themed edition.

Blawg Review #102 and its prequel. This special presentation was delivered by host George M. Wallace at his two blogs, the all-business Declarations and Exclusions, and his personal and cultural web journal, a fool in the forest. Both presentations were constructed around illustrations from Stultifera Navis, the 1497 Latin translation of Sebastian Brant’s 1494 satirical German text, Das Narrenschiff, aka The Ship of Fools.

Blawg Review #134. Eric Turkewitz at New York Personal Injury Law Blog hosted this meticulously crafted marathon-themed presentation.

No matter who ultimately wins the title of best Blawg Review, Blawg Review makes a winner out of us all — its hosts and its readers alike. Congratulations to all who served as host this past year, and best wishes to those who will serve in future.

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