"The Point": web site leverages the power of numbers to solve problems

The Point offers strength in numbersThey say that there’s strength in numbers. And that’s the premise of a new web site, The Point, which bills itself as “a social platform for people to solve problems they can’t solve alone.”

Visitors to the site can register and create campaigns to encourage others to join their cause. Videos on the landing page of the site demonstrate the kind of individuals who can launch campaigns to instigate change: the Frustrated Consumer, the Unappreciated Employee, the Loving Parent, and the Concerned Citizen — archetypes that any of us can identify with.

The values on which The Point are based are straightforward:

The Point changes the way we participate in activities, removing the primary cause of inaction – not knowing if we will make a difference. The Point is a natural adaptation of collective action to the Web, and the most effective model for channeling frustration into coordinated, decisive action…

People want a way to make a difference, but many problems are so large that we feel powerless to solve them. People are not apathetic – most of us will help if we feel like we can make a difference.

By bringing people together in numbers sufficient to create change, The Point aims to “to empower people with an easy way to make the world the one they want.”

For those who say you can’t fight city hall, The Point may offer some hope.

(Hat tip to Bill Warters.)

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