Online Guide to Mediation Link Round-up | November 16, 2007

Online Guide to Mediation rounds up links for the week of November 16Some good stuff on the web to round out the week:

Language Log posts a cartoon on communication by omission about all the unspoken messages family members convey to each during the stress of the holidays (particularly mothers and their adult children), as well as a meditation on the use of diplomatic language to settle disputes in “The moral of losing your pants, your suit, and your job“.

Thinking Ethics links to a great resource on the BBC web site on the ethics of lying.

At the Harvard Gazette Online is an article on “Buddhism and the art of negotiation: Mindfulness, ‘unattachment’ — and getting what you want“.

The Wall Street Journal Law Blog asks, “Is arbitration the new litigation?” and provokes a lively debate in the comments section.

In “Navy Showers, Low Flow Showerheads and Other Water Conservation Ideas“, Chris Annunziata at CKA Mediation and Arbitration Blog describes how one mediator gets his whole family to go green and conserve water.

Finally, if you’re in need of some inspiration at the end of a tough week, then treat yourself to this uplifting video of a cellphone salesman achieving a lifelong dream to sing opera. (Thanks to my pal Geoff Sharp for sending the link my way.)

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