Taking care of business: tips and resources for the mediator

Tips for mediators running their own businessFor many mediators in private practice, it’s not delivering services that poses a challenge. It’s managing the business end of things that can be tricky. Here are some links that offer tips that may help:

For general, all-around ideas and support on running a home office, since many solo practitioners do, visit Home Office Warrior, where you can find among other things a Home Office Warrior Blog Carnival, with a list of resources for anyone who works from home, and a look at the “Cell Phone v. Landline” debate for those struggling with selecting a phone service that keeps them connected best with clients.

For those deciding whether to launch a business from home, Dumb Little Man lays out a plan for those who want to work successfully from home.

Although April 15 seems far away, it’s never too early to organize your records for tax time. Web Worker Daily has ideas on “Tracking Business Expenses“, with a link to our friend the IRS for more information. (Hint: save those receipts.)

Mediation Mensch points out the marketing lesson for mediators in a recent BusinessWeek article, “Education-Based Marketing Sells“.

Mediator Tech has advice on expressing end-of-year appreciation to clients and referrers in a way that will make your thanks stand out from the rest.

Finally, for those of you seeking to keep costs down (or just in need of a good laugh), you may want to consider Word Perhect, a free online word processor. (A hat tip to Slaw.)

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2 responses to “Taking care of business: tips and resources for the mediator

  1. Grant Griffiths

    Thanks for the mention and the link back to the Home Office Warrior.

  2. Dina Lynch, ADRPracticeBuilder.com

    A wonderful list of resources, Diane. I’m looking forward to checking out the Home Office Warrior.If you don’t mind, I’d like to add one more tip: Social Media Marketing-marketing through participation in online communities. It’s kinda like networking on steroids. Scott Allen, co-author of The Virtual Handshake (www.thevirtualhandshake.com) and its companion blog, is one of the thought leaders in this emerging area. Best, Dina