Health care lawyer, mediator, and arbitrator hosts Columbus Day Blawg Review

Blawg Review 129 hosted by health care lawyer David HarlowBlawg Review #129 is hosted this week by David Harlow, a health care lawyer and consultant who also serves as a neutral in health care mediation and arbitration and assists clients in developing and implementing alternative dispute resolution processes. David, who is based in Newton, Massachusetts (practically right around the corner from Marblehead, Massachusetts, where I sit typing this), publishes HealthBlawg.

Blawg Review is the weekly review of the best in law blogging, hosted each week by a different legal blogger. Blawg Review of course isn’t just for lawyers–there are some good reasons why mediators should read it, too. (Especially next week when New Zealand mediator Geoff Sharp and I are hosting Blawg Review #130–Blawg Review’s first double-hemisphere edition which will honor Conflict Resolution Day. The sun never sets on the Blawg Review empire…)

(Photo credit: Iwan Beijes.)

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